Spinchickmushpot curry

Happy New Year! Things that have changed since the dawn of 2016: I can now say next year I’m going to be 24. This time of year calls on me, and probably you, to set yourself a task and strive to achieve it with as much resolve as you can muster, giving you a glow of …

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Settling in, sorbet and the sea in Bordeaux

Two days ago marked my one month anniversary in Bordeaux. It was also the third night I slept in my apartment following a week of no electricity, a wonky fridge and malfunctioning toilet. The Year Abroad Student Handbook reads that finding accommodation may be the most stressful aspect for the year abroad. I think that …

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Schnitzel’s one of my favourite things

One of travel's most seductive qualities for me is the chance to make the small, exclusive world around me disappear and to spend time in an entirely different space. I savour my sailing holidays in the Meditteranean. As snapshots in my head they exist as bursts of bright sunlight and dancing, aquamarine waves, but I …

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