Cinnamon and citrus

You may have read my blog post lauding a simple recipe for chocolate cupcakes that did not require butter, eggs or milk but asked for a surprising amount of water and reassuringly little effort or money. Well, I’m bringing it back, baby. Having established it as my base cake-baking recipe from now on, it’s time …

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Vegan vibez

This week's blog brings to you some of my reflections on my vegan month. This may not be of any use to you if you're a long-term vegan and of course I hope I do not come across as patronising. However, for some peeps reading this, my musings might echo some of the thoughts flitting …

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Schnitzel’s one of my favourite things

One of travel's most seductive qualities for me is the chance to make the small, exclusive world around me disappear and to spend time in an entirely different space. I savour my sailing holidays in the Meditteranean. As snapshots in my head they exist as bursts of bright sunlight and dancing, aquamarine waves, but I …

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