An Eat Out Indian

Last week, my friends and I had a takeaway. As a rule, when ordering takeout, there are three options: Chinese, Indian, or Pizza. Within these three options, whilst I love trying new things, my range is pretty limited: Chinese - beef in black bean or sweet and sour chick, Indian - lamb saag, and Pizza …

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Schnitzel’s one of my favourite things

One of travel's most seductive qualities for me is the chance to make the small, exclusive world around me disappear and to spend time in an entirely different space. I savour my sailing holidays in the Meditteranean. As snapshots in my head they exist as bursts of bright sunlight and dancing, aquamarine waves, but I …

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Decisions, decisions, desserts, decisions….

It is the eve of New Year. 2013 has been a wonderful, difficult, hilarious, drunken, heartbreaking, interesting, revealing year. Highlights include running at midnight, my birthday, Henley Regatta, seeing dolphins in the Mediterranean, surfing in Newquay and skiing. Christmas has seen vast quantities of alcohol and family gatherings. Inevitably, during a phone-call with my friend, …

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