Last week it slipped into autumn almost in one fell swoop – it was suddenly darker, trees melted into golden brown and crisp, cold mornings appeared. Right now I like waking up when it’s still a bit dark – the moment when the sun’s glow starts to spread across the sky is beautiful, and I …

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Risotto al fresco

Last year I wrote a blog post about barbecues in Australia and how I really enjoyed cooking food and eating as the sun slowly sank and the air grew fresh. These past couple of days I’ve relished the opportunity to picnic outside. It’s true, sitting outside on the ground does eventually leave you with half …

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Fodmap-free banana pancakes (flipping easy too!!)

I have had a week of scrumptious and satisfying breakfasts, which inevitably puts me in a fabdabby-do mood, the one which makes you sing 'The Bare Necessities' from The Jungle Book round the house, regardless if the doors are open and your neighbours can hear. I’m particularly happy because one of the two ingredients that featured …

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