Resto review: Village Mangal

Last weekend I decided to go home and take a few days absolutely off from university work. To spend time in the sun (if it came out), spend some time with my family, and not feel guilty for not opening any academic files on my computer. I did check my emails though, and open my …

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Tagine Zhor in Bath: review!

This weekend I visited my twin in Bath. We don’t often have the opportunity to spend time together, so we make the most of it by arguing a lot, with intermittent pauses where we take the time to actually enjoy each other’s company. The arguing, I think, is borne out of the frustration that comes with …

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Come to Liverpool, right now, over me

Liverpool: what does this city in the northwest of England make you think of? I imagine that two aspects jump out. The Beatles era (has it even ended though) formed such a vital part of English history it is natural that their ‘birthplace’ would capitalise on, but also celebrate, this musical revolution. The Mersey River …

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