Last week it slipped into autumn almost in one fell swoop – it was suddenly darker, trees melted into golden brown and crisp, cold mornings appeared.

Right now I like waking up when it’s still a bit dark – the moment when the sun’s glow starts to spread across the sky is beautiful, and I love the dusky purple aubergine hue of the sky just before that.

Was that enough of a clue? Yep, today’s recipe is going to feature an aubergine. I’d had the urge to stuff one for quite some time (haven’t we all), and October is the last month of the year that this vegetable is in season (according to this website.) When I was on a run the other day I was thinking about the word ‘aubergine’ and its similarity to the French word ‘aube’ which refers to the very first light in the morning. Etymologically I could find no link but cutting into that dark indigo skin to find a flash of almost white sponge flesh evokes that moment of ‘aube’ quite vividly.

I sliced my auby in half and scored the flesh to make a pattern of diamonds, then baked it in the oven for twenty mins. I scooped out most of the half-cooked flesh (it’s a pond green colour by this point) and mixed it with the filling, before putting it in the oven for another fifteen. I added harissa to the sauce and put tahini on top, but it really does lend itself to lots of different combis – add basil to the sauce and top it with cheese, for example. You can also use whatever vegetables you have in the fridge. There are two important things in my life – my EB and HB. My electric blanket is one of my best friends in winter, but more pertinently, I get quite bad heartburn and stay clear of onions and garlic, but use them if you like em!

I really love this recipe – hope you do too.

½ an aubergine (whole one cut lengthways)

½ green pepper

½ large mushroom

½ courgette, grated

2 tbsp passata

A couple of shakes of asafoetida

A pinch of mixed herbs

1 tsp harissa

2 tsp tahini

A handful of pine nuts

  1. Score the aubergine with diagonal lines and bake in a tray at 190 degrees C for twenty mins
  2. While that does its thing, cook the pepper, mushroom, courgette (or the vegetables of your choice) in a pan with some olive oil
  3. After ten minutes they should be soft. Add the passata, harissa and seasoning.
  4. When the aubergine has been in for 20 take it out and scoop out most of the flesh (it doesn’t have to be neatly done) and add it to your vegetables, stirring to spread it evenly
  5. Transfer the mixture into the aubergine skin, and put it back in the oven for another fifteen minutes
  6. Take the auby out, put on a plate, drizzle with some tahini, sprinkle some pine nuts on top and voilà.

I hope you enjoy the recipe (and the mediocre photograph)! xxx



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