Green rice burrito bowls from Cookie & Kate

Last weekend I went to Bristol and I saw some Bordz pals and my friend from home. They gave me glimpses of Bristol that I’d never had before: I returned to Brandon Hill for a picnic (I have unrestrainedly gushed about picnics throughout this blog – see my last post for more) & watched a film called ‘When Marnie Was There’ which is a Japanese anime film. I really appreciate the intense colours and the beauty of the landscape in this film, and I’m often blown away by the soundtracks in anime films. I also lost myself in a gorgeous Italian shop brimming with cans of antipasti, black olives and aubergine caponata. Stacks of cherry tomatoes have clung to my mind – they must be phenomenal to cook with. Pastas of all shapes and sizes dotted the shop, and bottles of Aperol, limoncello and Campari were lined up against a dark wood shelf, looking v stately. This kind of shops reminds me of shops I went into in France which were small and extremely enticing thanks to their French produce.

Throughout this year my friend and I have sustained each other by sending each other links to delicious-looking recipes. I remember one that she sent me from Cookie and Kate for sweet potato and green rice burrito bowls because it was so vibrant and exciting and also meat-free.

Cookie and Kate is a vegetarian blog that values ‘good food in good company’ and aims to celebrate ‘real, sustainable food.’ She has a great skill for photographing food and has pages for tips on food blogging which is useful for moi. I’m planning on following her guidelines for baking tofu next!

When I came to stay with her we decided to make the burrito bowls together. The most complicated bit of the recipe is the green rice because you have to blend several ingredients and then cook the rice off first, but it is well worth it because the rice turns out fragrant and scrummy (My friend used green pepper instead of jalapeno). The beans were soft and comforting and the sweetness of the caramelized roasted sweet potatoes finished it off. It is a really excellent recipe. Like the anime films the colours are gorgeous and it’s lovely to enjoy the taste of the dish as well as drinking in the colours of it too.

Sweet potato green rice burrito balls

Here’s the link to the recipe – hope you give it a try!


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