Post Exam Dinner

After a spell of exams, my food musings are making their way back onto the world of the web. I hope you like reading through them!

Exam term is officially over for me. It is an extremely intense term but I always have really fond memories of the period in spite of it being spent primarily either on the bus, in the library or in bed. The snatches of freedom (sitting on the piazza o my) or ultra-rebellious acts like a half pint of cider in a pub on the outskirts of Leamington; splashes of fresh air; my nose pressed against the bus window staring at blue sky and trees going green; these instants remain with surprising clarity through the years. Also, shout out to Beyoncé – your songs helped me through.

I took my time doing a shop yesterday and picked up some vegetables in shapes & sizes because I had been having an awful lot of peas to accompany meals I’d made in previous weeks and then frozen. I love the sumptuous pea. Yet I did want to put some effort into bringing out the best of some vegetables and remind my body of them yknow. I also zipped home for a weekend and my mum sent me back with a handful of some beautiful asparagus and I was supa excited to use them.


I roasted red peppers, sweet pots, courgette and cherry tomatoes. Roasted vegetables = one of my favourite dishes. When the peppers flesh splits open and gleams, the sweet potato goes soft and caramelizes slightly, then the courgettes curl up slightly with the slightly translucent centres, you know there’s something magical about to happen. I put the asparagus in a bit of water for 5 minutes until tender, then added the spinach until it had wilted. These asparagus are so silky I found it best to pick up a stalk and eat it by itself, enjoying biting into a smooth texture crème brulée style and appreciating the slightly grassy taste. The spinach adds a bit of earthiness to the melodious, melty vegetables, and the hummus I added gave some gritty texture.

Savouring silky soft juicy vegetables brimming with taste and vits n mins: a lovely Post Exam Dinner.


2 sweet potatoes

½ courgette

1 red pepper

Handful of cherry tomatoes cut in half

Roughly 8 asparagus stalks

2 big handfuls of spinach

Spoonful of oil (vegetable, olive etc)

Mixed herbs


Hefty spoonful of hummus

  1. Cut sweet potato into wedges
  2. Slice courgette and cut them into half moons
  3. Slice pepper into strips
  4. Put these chopped veg on a tray, add oil and seasoning, toss and put in the oven, checking its progress
  5. When you think they’re ten minutes away, add tomatoes
  6. Put asparagus in a pan with water that comes up to max 1cm
  7. When they’re tender add the spinach
  8. Serve with hummus

One thought on “Post Exam Dinner

  1. Nicky Yarwood

    Love your post Lizzy. Keep them flowing.

    Cheered my day with the rain pouring down and pit-a-pattering on the roof and windows.


    Mum xxxx

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