Bedford Brie-light

The season is upon us. And so is the weather. The whipping rain, invisible puddles that you lose your foot in – it’s great to come home and zip yourself up in bed. But don’t you feel the magic in the air? Today I was looking out the window just mesmerised by the thick frosty indigo sky at half past three, the trees dancing and shaking under the disco ball stars. Black streets dotted with warm lights. I go outside and I feel like the winter night is wrapping around me like a fur coat.

I also treasure the ebony evenings that you can spend out in a bar, or a pub or just with friends. One that is particularly memorable is the dinner I had at the Bedford Street in Leamington. The pub describes itself as ‘unique, quirky and fun’, and prizes itself on its selection of speciality beers and sensational live music. When we went in we were greeted by a gust of warm air, which as I’ve said before always works a treat. The pub itself feels quite sophisticated, is very large and everyone was quite welcoming. I felt quite old in there, especially with the incredibly fresh-faced waiters and waitresses wandering around.

The dinner menu has smaller bites as well as main menus. Between the three of us there was a beef bourguignon, a smoked sausage and bean casserole and a deep-fried brie with port and cranberry sauce (the latter was mine). They were a real treat to look at – glistening trunks of breadcrumbed brie with leaves lying on a dark pink sauce. I was worried it would be greasy, but they had been carefully cooked. The sauce was a good sweetness and the slightly bitter leaves complimented it wonderfully. The bread I had with it was also a treat (French baguettes I miss u).

My friends really enjoyed their dishes too – I tried a bit of both and the meat was tender and flavourings on point. We particularly loved the fact that the chef came out to say hey and check we liked the food: snazzy touch, Bedford.

The cherry on top was the live music. There was a great atmosphere and the girl had a beautifully voice (she also had great hair and sung lots of my fave songs).

I’ve just been perusing the drinks menu and there are half price jamjar cocktails on a Wedneday with more music! I think I’d be partial to a Kick The Mule (Makers Mark, Amaretto, muddled raspberries, lime juice & ginger beer). Maybe I’ll see ya there one of these dark evenings.

Photo sent to be by Bedford Street
Photo sent to be by Bedford Street

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