Fodmap-free banana pancakes (flipping easy too!!)

I have had a week of scrumptious and satisfying breakfasts, which inevitably puts me in a fabdabby-do mood, the one which makes you sing ‘The Bare Necessities’ from The Jungle Book round the house, regardless if the doors are open and your neighbours can hear. I’m particularly happy because one of the two ingredients that featured in both breakfasts was one of the foods I’ve been making myself like: coconut. This week I tried coconut milk – the thinner, drinking kind – and found it refreshing and deliciously moreish. I was so surprised by how sweet it was, looked suspiciously at the ingredients and was relieved to find there was no added sugar, it was naturally like that! I added it to my porridge with mashed banana and swooned about the house in a post-creamy coconut banana haze, reliving my breakfast to anybody who would listen. What is so snazzy is that you don’t need to add any sugar – the natural sweetness of the banana and coconut makes it perfect just the way it is, rather like the love of your life. I used half coconut milk and half cows’ milk in my recipe. Coconut milk is heavenly but comes with a heavy carbon footprint, and as I love and drink a hefty amount of cows’ milk anyway it’s not a sustainable change to make for me.

Come Saturday, and the sun is shining once more in its crisp, blissfully ignorant of the future cold way, and I wanted to make something exciting for the weekend. I decided to look into the idea of making banana pancakes; that is, pancakes made with only banana and egg, sans flour. I’ve seen some extremely enticing images on the internet of them, such as on Eugenie Kitchen and wanted to give them a go, especially as they are fodmaps friendly as well as gluten free. Have a look here and here for more fodmap free recipes!).

The recipe I ended up using was from The Kitchn and I loved its in-depth description of them, because it set cogs turning in my head, and I was also prepared. I knew what to expect. They do bear a resemblance to French toast in the eggy, custard-like texture and do melt in your mouth. The banana taste gives sweetness and flavour too, which makes them great if you don’t have a lot of ‘topping’ ingredients. I added some baking powder to try to give them some more volume (not sure if it did much but hey).


I have been looking for an excuse to use my Food Thoughts cocoa powder since I made my marble cake, and so I decided to add a teaspoon of it to the mix once I’d used half of it. The chocolate ones I served with coconut Greek yoghurt, the original ones I added maple syrup.


So, thoughts on the original ones:

Maple syrup mingled beautifully with the banana flavour, and it was super because you really didn’t need much – the pancakes themselves bring a lovely sweetness. Excellent.

Chocolate and coconut:

A slight bitterness from the cocoa and sourness from Greek yoghurt, rounded off with soft banana and chewy coconut strands – a great two-tone flavour and texture. I really enjoyed them, my dad less so, but I would recommend that pairing.

One thing to bear in mind, which The Kitchn recipe warned me about, was the fact that they are seriously difficult to flip. Even when the bottoms are cooked thoroughly, they resist a spatula in exact opposition to the satisfying slip under a flour-based pancake. However, they turned out fine, so maybe use another utensil and don’t worry if they spill onto the pan a little. So maybe my title is a bit misleading but please, appreciate the pun and take note of my warning at the same time. It is possible!!

If you try them, let me know your thoughts!!! For another banana-based brekky check out ma banany bread.




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