My pâtisserie prize

Hello, blog. It’s been a while. I haven’t written in a long time. However, it was not because I became bored of you, but I went back to France, only this time I was like a thistle at the mercy of the wind, blown here, there and everywhere. From Biarritz I cycled to Bordeaux and had the time of my life while doing it, staying with people or jumping between chambres d’hôtes.

When I arrived in Bordeaux, I decided I deserved a treat. During the trip I ate like a horse, stopping for lunch and devouring a baguette so quickly I had to stop because my jaw ached. It was a good feeling! So food seemed like the natural reward. And, when in France, you might as well go for a pâtisserie.

The array of colours, textures and shapes to choose from in a shop is dazzling. This time, however, I had one in mind. When my brother and his girlfriend came to stay we went to the beach, and on our way back a shop selling cakes got in our way. Freya told us how when she was younger she’d always have the religieux au café and so a few minutes later they came out carrying an enticing-looking box.

If you remember, I’m not a huge fan of coffee in sweet things. I don’t get the tiramisu hype. But I’m all for trying things, so I did. The bun has two parts: the larger bottom sphere and the smaller one on top, with a crown of cream. They shared the bottom and I had the top. It’s iced with a dulce de leche I think, and the profiterole type pastry is filled with a not too sweet coffee cream.

The one I had the other day was the same. I had to go to a number of boulangeries to find it, so when I saw it, glowing at the back corner, I could not take my eyes off it. I sat down almost immediately after purchasing it and stuck right in. The dulce de leche contrasted beautifully with the cool coffee cream that oozed in unctuous decadence from within. It was smooth, slightly bitter and soothed my craving like a balm on an insect bite. I lingered over each bite, savouring the caramel-coffee tango. It was a real treat.

The day grew even better when she offered me a cake for free because otherwise they were going to be thrown away. I was like, omg, yes. I went for a tart filled with creme pâtissière and topped with plump strawbs. I managed to resist this one till the following day, but the fresh berries pampered by sweet cream, atop a slightly lemony almond tart was scrumptious.

I’ve had an excellent pastry run this year. Just as well I did a bit of exercise to justify them first!!



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