Cornish pasty love

As you may remember from my last post I am in Cornwall and have already had the pleasure of running and walking along coastlines and swimming and surfing in the beautiful if perishing sea. What I love about hols here is that all weather is ideal for activities. Of course, sunflower sunshine means swimming cozzies on and bat and ball competitions with an ice-cream here and there, but what I love is a good old rainy walk. It’s refreshing, vibrant and makes you appreciate a cup of tea at the end of it all.

Going into the sea when it’s raining is also a must. When it’s hot, the sea is fun, but the unfortunate side effect is the crowds that take your waves. What’s best is a grey, gloomy day with spattering rain and great surf. You run along the dark sand without a soul in sight. The atmosphere is amazing too: crashing waves, a silver sheen on the sea.

With all this running and surfing and cleaning the sandy dog you build up quite an appetite. My 8 helpings of cereal in the morning (I’m serious it has happened once this week) helps, but the Cornish pasty fills a special hole. The inevitable trip to Padstow always culminates in a pasty for lunch. Pasties are, officially Cornish. They are geographically protected (like feta cheese now is) and are a bit of an icon. Chough bakery in Padstow is, as confirmed by members of the family, the best pasty shop in Padstow. We all went for the same one: steak and Cornish blue. The ratio of pastry to filling was just right which is v important because nobody likes a mountain of beige with no gravy and filling. The Cornish blue was creamy and strong, oozing into the steak gravy in unctuous perfection. The hunks of meat were soft, juicy and not interspersed with globs of gristle. This pasty was a delight to eat, and geared me up for the clifftop run.

If you make it over here, go to Chough’s and follow their advice: a balanced diet is one Chough pasty in each hand. Even if only for one day.



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