Fodmap-free Friday – cranberry flapjacks!!

I am sooooo excited to be on my way to Cornwall today! Rainy walks, muddle puddles, runs into the sea and a sandy bum. I’m all over it. Treyarnon Bay holds a special place in my heart as my family have stayed there for many a year. The first house we stayed in had a fantastic collection of the Goosebumps series and I still remember the stories about the shrunken heads, the janitor-Phantom of the Opera and the gross purple slop of a monster that sweated snails and made Camp children slosh him with water. I also recall Becky and I attempting to carry out a midnight feast with absolutely dismal results. Becky valiantly took the first watch while I enjoyed a snuggly sleep. She woke me up and I told her with my eyes still stuck fast that yes I would stay up until twe….oops. We tried it again the next night, Lizzy taking the first watch. I don’t even remember trying to stay awake. I think that time Becky thumped me awake at 6.30am and, half unconscious, we ate a strawberry lace before our heads hit our pillows again.

Perhaps I couldn’t stay awake because I was drained from all the long walks we’d been doing and from chomping down half a Cornish pasty (my stomach was quite small at that age). Running into the sea, running out of it blue with cold and then running away from a brother who was dying to throw us into the sea again also does increase the appetite.

Snacks are always vital when expending this amount of energy. It is also useful for morale, when your feet are sodden, you can’t see because your glasses are a multitude of raindrops and you just had to walk through a field of looming, booming cows. Flapjack, when made properly, can turn you right around. What’s makes the sun shine even brighter here is the fact that they are FODMAPs friendly and are really easy to make. Let’s get stirring!

Despite flapjack seeming a very simple recipe, there is a certain knack to it. First, let’s establish what makes a good flapjack. Gooey, caramel flapjacks that are moist and need a good glass of milk (or river water) to wash it down. So first, I would advise NOT to put in any egg or baking powder. When I made this fatal mistake last time (see here) I had to hand round a ziplock bag of what resembled soggy granola to the family. And add two extra tablespoons of golden syrup to make it super scrummy. Bake it for ten minutes less than the recipe you use recommends because when you take it out of the oven it carries on cooking and crispy flapjack cannot hold a candle to the oozy woozy stuff.

This time I added cranberries to the mixture before baking it because they are a FODMAPs friendly dried food and I fancied that the tartness of the cranberries would add a squeak to the purr of velvety, caramel oats. Gosh oh gosh it did. They look beautiful, too: dark fuschia gems nestled in golden squares.

Here’s to food, family and fun on the beach and some fodmapping funk with cranberry flapjack!



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