Seasonal vegetarian lunch muffins!!

Word in the fields is that it is National Vegetarian Week, which I learned about through Twitter quite coincidentally. Combine this happy accident with the vegetarian broccoli and Stilton muffins I made this week and we have a beautifully, randomly assembled blog post!

The rise of ‘superfoods’ has given vegetables a lot of limelight recently. While my position on superfoods consists mainly of cynicism and concern, I am glad to see that veggies are getting some recognition. I really want to champion seasonal eating: in my opinion, superfoods are the ones that are in season because not only are they tastier, they are not lugging a huge carbon footprint behind them having been flown from somewhere they are actually growing. Vegetarianism is a super way to help the environment, as the meat industry is not very eco-friendly, but neither is eating vegetables that come from the other side of the world!

If you didn’t know from this blog post, I have a healthy obsession with cereal. Breakfast for me, is ecstatically easy. Even deviating from my standard breakfast does not ruffle too many feathers. Give me an egg, give me pancakes, breakfast is almost always a success. Lunch, however, is a completely different kettle of fish. What do you have for lunch if you have eschewed sliced bread with a firm hand as I have? This snobbery is a recent development after having spent a year munching on fresh French baguette and realising that sliced bread, unless homemade, is just not worth it. So, with sliced bread sandwiches out of the window, what remains when you need to take a packed lunch?

I have spent a while pondering this and, with the help of The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, I decided to try out savoury muffins. I don’t have a recollection of having one before. You say muffin, I think of the colossal double chocolate chip muffins from Costco that are anything but savoury. I veered away from the Hummingbird flavours of ham and mushroom or spinach and cheddar because broccoli is in season, and Stilton seemed like a good, strong idea.

Unfortunately I wanted half the number of muffins which involved halving an egg. I decided to whack the whole thing in but this made the muffins chewier than I intended. However, the cayenne that the recipe called for added a lovely after-heat that didn’t swallow the Stilton but continued the taste-bud-tango of the muffin.

Muffins do work as lunches. Vegetarianism is a good thing. Eating seasonally should be encouraged. This recipe brings the best of these worlds together in happy harmony! Add some salad, have some fruit for pudding and we can keep sarnies on the back bench where they belong. Happy Veg Week!!

DSCN1914 DSCN1916 DSCN1917


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