Angelic apple crisps

Finding the perfect apple is no easy task if, like me, your favourite variety is Braeburn. With a Granny Smith it is pretty much a guarantee that any one you take a bite into will be juicy, slightly sour and crunchy. It is, however, an entirely different kettle of fish when it comes to Braeburn. A heavenly one, one that would tempt Eve all over again, is fickle. Its crunchiness, its juiciness, its flavour, none are visible by the eye. You have to take a bite. Sometimes pressing your finger into the flesh can give a tell-tale sign. The flesh gives way: fluffy. But the disappointment that washes over you when you sink your teeth into what you thought was an apple but tastes more like a rabbit ear is as strong as the sea.

As you have probably guessed this happened to me not so very long ago. A whole bag of Braeburns came home with me from the supermarket, and each one I tried let me down. I left them there for a week, unwilling to throw them away. After I made my delicious apple and cinnamon cake, however, I realised their potential was still there, but in other ways.

I decided to transform them into crisps. I had read a few recipes and so came up with my formula of moons instead of full rings, skin on, and cinnamon and sugar topping. The recipe I had read suggested keeping them in the oven for 2+ hours. It also advised soaking the slices in lemon and water to stop them browning but I personally prefer the more rustic look without juice (and it saves thirty minutes!). I started off with an hour in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius, then moved it down to 140 for about twenty minutes. After that they were still a bit moist in the middle and I wanted them quite dry, so put my oven at 80 degrees (the lowest temperature) for a further30 minutes. They came out brown, crispy and really quite gorgeous. They sat in a jam jar for actually not that long because I gobbled them up quickly.

This is a super way to use up the apples that failed you and turn them into something you’re proud of. Enjoy!!

DSCN1550 DSCN1552


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