Breakfast bananarama

I read recently that the line I grew up with, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, is being disputed. One article claims that advising somebody wanting to lose weight to eat a hearty but healthy breakfast may not be that helpful because everybody is slightly different. Skipping breakfast doesn’t necessarily lead to overeating later for some and can lead to a more productive morning.

For dieters, this may be the case, and I find the idea of diets (to lose weight) complex, confusing and something I don’t want to get into no matter how many chocolates I eat the night before. I support the idea that “the only diet to go on is a balanced diet” and while diets may work for others which is great, I am one for constancy and if I can form healthy eating habits and stick to them, I will. Breakfast gives me routine and gets me up in the morning.

Another reason why I have breakfast is because I love it! Cereal is one of my best friends. Back in my swimming days, I would come back at 9pm and have a casual bowl of cereal as a post-dinner post-exercise I-love-cereal moment before bed. Mum once received some bowls for her birthday that were twice the size of the average bowl and we would fill them up to the brim (and sometimes go for seconds). When I’m ill, cereal is my go-to. In our yard we have two shelves stacked with cereal and Mum ensures that there is at least three boxes of Bran Flakes in reserve for Dad, because if there weren’t any left for him one morning I think our house would fall down.

I know that a lot of cereal contains a lot of hidden sugar, but while when I was younger I would eat three bowls of Cheerios on the rare occasion we had them (we only had Coco Pops when Father Christmas generously gave my brother a box) I am a firm believer in Weetabix. You can heat it up in the microwave for a super-quick porridge but it is equally phenomenal fresh and cold. Pile on some banana slices or sultanas (or both!) and you’re living the dream.

In France the cereal sitch is a bit different. Whereas you can buy a hefty 1kg box in England, the selection here is much smaller and much more sugary. There are granolas with three different types of chocolate which is really more like confectionary. They are delicious but not v good for me. I’ve been having cornflakes with banana, but here I’ve been eating bread for breakfast more often.

I had some ripe bananas the other week and once again my loaf tin was talking to me, so I decided to bake some banana bread. I found one from BBC Good Food which said it could also be used as a drizzle cake which made me a bit dubious, but the loaf-tin measurements matched mine so I used the recipe. I added a layer of sliced banana on the top and they sunk to make a surprise layer of pure banana. It had a slightly coarse texture which gave it some oomf and I enjoyed having it for my breakfast this week with my home-made jam! If anything it was a bit sweet, which meant my tarty jam balanced it out better.

I do miss Weetabix here, but it has made me make jam and banana bread. So I will continue my love affair with breakfast in strict accordance with the motto “Eat breakfast like a king”.DSCN1541 DSCN1543


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