Easter bunny comes to Bordeaux!

Although I had been considering coming home for Easter, flight prices were sky high and I was also happy to stay here – the weather, which has been fairly dismal for the past two weeks had promised to bloom into sun and blue skies, and I was going for an Easter repas at the tea-party flat. I had promised to bring a cake and I had a lot of sources to do my research.

I’ve been shown a lot of French food blogs recently and I enjoy reading them and comparing to recipes written in English. The blogs I regularly visit post photos of fantastically huge creations with almost every single sweet treat combined, the cookiedoughpeanutbutterbrowniecheesecakeicecreampie a standard dish. I decided to pinch one from a French blog.

My friend showed me Chocolat et caetera, a beautifully designed blog with lovely photos too.  There are some recipes that have a more French feel to them, like Nutella roulade, vanilla and rum cake, but there are Austrian crepes and Mississippi mud cake as well which gives plenty of choice for the baker! I have spent many an evening rifling through the recipes.

The gateau à la marmalade d’oranges caught my eye because I haven’t made ganache in yonks and I was intrigued by the orange marmalade. While I love a good jam (here is my own attempt!) I have never been a huge marmalade enthusiast, but it just sounded so delicious – a giant jaffa cake, basically!

My recreation took this analogy very literally, coming out flat (as most of my baking ventures have tended to be here) but I think it was because the instructions asked me to whisk the eggs and sugar until it was twice the size and white. I mixed with a fork for about ten minutes before deciding that the custard-coloured, slightly bubbly result would have to do. When it came forth from the oven it was majestically pancake-like. Anyway, after wondering how to create two layers without baking an extra cake, I thought I would go even closer to a Jaffa and put the marmalade on top of the cake with the ganache on top of that.

Decorating the cake was super fun, although maybe that was because I dunked frazzles in the ganache as a sweet and better alternative to nachos and salsa. It was really easy though, and the final result looks quite elegant. I decorated it with remaining frazzles, making a flower in true spring spirit and voilà!

I actually really liked it. Perhaps next time I’d put some more marmalade on it because the rich ganache was the most prevalent flavour. But the texture of the smooch yet dense ganache with the crumbly cake and that sweet citrus took me beyond the Jaffy experience.

The Easter lunch was amazing, with a wonderfully roasted lamb, super veggies and parcels of spinach, mushroom and blue cheese which were seriously dreamy. After we’d eaten our fill we eventually made it to Jardin Public where we had an Easter egg hunt in the sparkling sunshine, although I think several park-goers joined in since the number of eggs the others found was a lot less than the number we put out. All in all, a v joyeux Pacques was had by all!!

DSCN1569 DSCN1554 DSCN1567


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