A golden recipe: apple, cinnamon (and orange) cake

My new silicone fuchsia loaf tin has been tempting me from the cupboard and on Sunday I found myself recovering from a late night; that, coupled with the fact that I had a bag of underwhelming apples which were only worth being cooked, I decided to make an apple cake. I was originally going to go for a crumble, but you know, new loaf tin, new priorities. I wanted to find a recipe that stood out, a cake that would have some little flair to turn those apples around. And, it was a success!

The recipe from The Foodie’s Way, a blog which I’m growing fonder of the more I learn about it. I discovered that Karina, the writer, spent summers in Montpellier when she was younger, a town I really love in France. Her penchant for crème patisserie along with her love of Dorset and connection with nature really struck a chord with me.

Anyway, she made this cake in Courchevel (I love the mountains around there!) and she explained how she lacked scales and managed to sink her cake. I was therefore a bit apprehensive, since I too had no scales. However, the recipe seemed relatively straightforward: sugar, butter, eggs, apples, flour and cinnamon. I had to forgo the golden caster sugar and Dememara since I only had white sugar, but the crunchy top and mid layers of apple in the beautiful photos seduced me and I decided to give it a whirl.

Apart from using different sugar, I also decided to slice the apples instead of chopping them into chunks. I also have a huge sack of oranges in the fridge, so I decided to add the peel and juice of a small orange. Anyway, when I removed the cake from the oven after it had spent forty minutes wafting the most aromatic smells around our small apartment, I was actually taken aback by how scrumptious is looked! The top layer of apple and sugar/cinnamon and created a molten gold, appley crust. Although I hadn’t put enough baking powder in so it hadn’t risen as much as I was expected I was really happy with it.

When I cut the cake the apple layers had floated together, but the fine slices gave it a sort of elegance, I think. At first I wasn’t sure the citrus was palpable, but when I had another slice later there was an orangey glow which was lovely!

I’m really glad I’ve come across this blog – I will be keeping my eye out for updates, and I love the look of the prosciutto, asparagus and thyme risotto.

You can find the recipe here.

apple cinnamon and orange cake 2 Apple cinnamon orange loaf cake

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