Something fishy here

I told you all that summer had dawned on Bordeaux, and it is true in that the sun is shining a lot more. However I am currently sitting in my room in a chair with Iceland fish fingers typing on a keyboard. For all I know it could be true, because I am being driven mad. I quite like running around the nooks and crannies of my brain, floating down to the realities of the world and being grateful that I can happily call myself mad. Being sane is little bit rich tea for me.

There is clear line between self-induced sanity and teeth-gnashing nightmarish situations though. Examples of these include being stuck on an aeroplane with a crying baby, recurring nightmares, and there are of course other horrors I can’t even fathom. There is also the noise of a gate opening and closing five times in as many minutes that, I can testify, will send you running for headphones at the noise of a car just so you don’t have to listen to the sound of metal running over skeleton after skeleton after skeleton. I am forming plans of sabotage, phone calls and earplugs and distracting myself by dwelling on happier memories.

One of these happier memories takes shape in a Bordeaux restaurant on a hot September evening. The Saint Georges has a lovely seating area on a place which makes for a lovely ambiance. When I first saw the menu I didn’t really know what to choose – I was not actually that inspired. I dubiously placed my order of macaroni with salmon with no clue as to what I would end up eating.

My worries were unfounded. Long tubes of macaroni nestled against plump, shining hunks of salmon tartare which had sweet shrimps curled up next to them. It was served cold which made it deliciously refreshing. AND THERE WERE PRAWN HEADS!!

The disparity between the tranquillity of warm summer evenings with fresh food and fish fingers pressed against temples run ragged with jangling, jostling gate noises is quite impressive. It becomes much less significant when I step out into the sunshine and let the beauty of Bordeaux sink into me. But I’d appreciate it if you could ring Orange asking them to disable the gate which apparently belongs to them.DSCN0306


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