Blacklist not on my good list…

Brunching has established itself as a solid mid-morning activity, Instagram saturated with homemade pancakes with expertly made coffee or café shots with exciting varieties of eggs, bacon, fruit or oats. I’ve had good brunches in Birmingham, Sydney and in Leamington (these need to be blogged about…) The trend has fully caught on in Bordeaux too, with plenty of restaurants offering brunch.

One of these cafés is called Blacklist, found just next to the Tour Pey-Berland in an ideal spot. I went there with my friend for a drink on a beautiful spring afternoon which had turned a bit chilly when the sun finally said goodbye. The café was warm when we walked in: a narrow, rectangular space with an open kitchen at the end. We sat ourselves down at a clunky, wooden table and did as we were told, that is, waited to be served. Well the wait was jolly long, and given that there was only one other couple waiting to be served it wasn’t well justified. In terms of choice, there wasn’t much. The number of cafés I’ve been to which have dozens of tea varieties, different coffees and exciting milkshakes ran through my mind as I stared at the uninspiring menu scrawled on the wall tiles. The fresh fruit juices were quite appealing though, so I went for the apple, carrot and ginger one. We then waited for another AGE for it to be made. The juicing happened there and then, but it doesn’t take a huge amount of time to shove some carrot, apple and ginger into a juicer.

When it eventually made its way to our table, it was a healthy orange colour and had a deliciously fresh aroma. The most prevalent flavour was apple, but the fiery ginger invigorated without overwhelming the drink. I enjoyed the juice a lot and it was a real burst of summer. However, this was spoiled slightly by the door being opened while we were waiting for our bevvies, giving me a sensation akin to waiting for a train in a draughty room.

Blacklist offers brunch, but to be honest, I’m not interested. It’s modern, open and healthy, but lacks the warmth I’ve found in other places.

apple carrot and ginger juice


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