Santosha’s toilet

There is something special about discovering a secret: not gossip, but stumbling across a coincidental combination such as a place at a certain time of day can actually be life-affirming. This has happened several times while I have been in Bordeaux and also at home and it is wonderful to be able to slip back to your secret. Geographically, undiscovered places are few and far between. Yet, your emotions and the position of the sun or the brightness of the moon make it your own and create a sort of magic which is, I suppose, a sort of mindfulness. That word has spun itself into society but created quite an important web of connections between an individual, how they relate to the world, and how they process this in their huge, invisible minds. My New Years’ Resolutions (which I have mainly pinched off my friends) are laced with the theme of mindful awareness.

Santosha is a well-known Asian restaurant in Bordeaux found on a quintessential bordelais square. The menu isn’t vast and from other reviews it doesn’t seem to have a specific cuisine, but rather offers a selection of well-known Asian dishes. The atmosphere, however, is buzzy and fresh, with green paint and close tables crowded with young people. I went for the Nasi Goreng which was fried rice, chicken, prawns and a fried egg on top. The portions were huge, although I still managed to make my way through it, but this contributed to the sense of cheerful no-bones attitude. I added Sriracha sauce which brought out the quite varied flavours in the dish (and also helped develop my tolerance to spicy things which is one of my food-projects!). While the food isn’t mind-blowing in terms of presentation or flavour it was really enjoyable to eat, which is a good sign.

I went to the toilets and discovered there was just one. I waited a long while. And then went into a toilet that I have never seen the likes of before. With a surfboard underneath a sheet of glass on the floor of the bathroom, flashing lights and a hologram projected on the door, it was fun and quirky and interesting and I understood why people spent so long in there. While this is not a secret place by any means, my unexpected toilet venture put a smile on my face.

Talking of toilets, I went to another bar with my sister where we sipped on almond liqueur and had strange conversations with even stranger men and I visited the bathroom. This one was equally funky! More flashing lights and colourful walls, I came out and immediately told my sister to pay a worthwhile visit.

This blog post has taken a bizarre direction. If any conclusions can be drawn from it, understand that Santosha is a great resto in Bordeaux, spend time seeking out places and storing them in your mind, and sometimes hiding in a toilet is less futile than it sounds.

DSCN0490 DSCN0712 DSCN0609


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