Shakey Shack

In a couple of days my life is going to take a reasonably dramatic turn for two reasons. First, I am moving to Bordeaux to spend a year studying in France. Second, my twin is moving to Australia for her year in industry. It’s super exciting but I am envisaging a forlorn Lizzy sitting on the floor of a flat in France on her 21st birthday (with or without a glass of wine next to her) trying to celebrate without the person she has shared it with every single year previously. 

We had a day out in London to buy dresses for our cousin’s wedding earlier this summer and decided to treat ourselves to a lunch out in Covent Garden rather than hopping into the nearest MacDonald’s. The theme of food ended up similar as we found ourselves ordering from the Shake Shack menu. Since it was a twinny day we decided to share so we went for a Shack Burger and Shack-cago Dog. Becky was a bit hesitant about the latter due to her steadfast dislike for frankfurters but we went for it anyway. I also had a Concrete Jungle shake thing consisting of vanilla custard, marshmallow sauce, fresh banana and peanut butter sauce. 

Our buzzer buzzed and I collected the goods. There was the customary red plastic tray and tissue-papery containers that remind you of American diners, but we were sitting in the Covent Garden market hall. It felt a bit out of place. Becky then had the super idea of trying to cut a hot dog full of sauces and slippery things in half. A disaster was closely averted and we munched our half before swapping.I thought the hot dog was super – salty from the pickle, relish and German dog with a slight sweetness from the roll. The burger was good too but to be honest I can’t really remember why. I suppose what disappointed me about the two were their flimsiness. The burger had been slapped together so the burger was lopsided in the bun and their insubstantial infrastructure irritated me. If you’re going to put all sorts of extras in a hot dog, make sure the bun can take it.

My concrete shake was ok. If I went again I would have traded it for their golden curly chips. They were sunny, mouth-watering and super curly. 

Its location is cool and I really rated the hot dog but it felt a bit careless and nobody likes it when the filling falls out. It leaves you feeling a bit lost and frustrated. 


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