My bro and I at Barrio Central

I have spent four weeks this summer at an internship with Palm PR, a luxury food PR Agency. It was fantastic fun and the time flew by! I did manage to visit some (well, a lot of) bars and visit restaurants that are not usually a stone’s throw from me.

I was lucky enough to be able to stay at my brother’s flat. This meant I had the pleasure of walking through Shoreditch (and via Urbys) to work. Also to my delight, I discovered that I could take a leisurely detour through Brick Lane on my way home. One memorable moment that springs to mind occurred on one such evening when, on the phone to my friend, I walked past a shop. An intoxicating aroma of rich chocolate physically spun me round back towards the shop and caused me to say to my friend something along the lines of “Omg sorry but I just walked past the most delicious shop wow” to the amusement of the couple just leaving the shop who laughed in my face.

When my brother returned from his work abroad he’d often have some plan that I would be whirled into (it was so exciting). One Thursday night we went for a drink in Barrio Central, a Spanish-inspired bar that was fairly innocuous on the outside. However, once I had walked through the doors I felt miles from London. It wasn’t only the boppin’ music or the suitcase stuck to the wall, but the atmosphere of the place itself was energetic, relaxed and the inverse of fun-spongey.

I really liked the menu setup for the cocktails, which enabled you to choose your cocktail based on the spirit you wanted in it. Wanting to steer clear of gin and unsure about Cachaca, I chose the ‘Tropic Plunder’ – Barrio House Rum Blend, PisangAmbon banana liqueur, mango, passion fruit, and fireworks’. The display of concocting the cocktails was impressive (I was enraptured by a dusky blue flame that crawled all over the glass) and it tasted unlike any other cocktail I’d had before, which was great! The banana really came through, but not in a cloying sticky-sweet way. The mango and passion fruit kept it refreshing.

The evening then turned into a surreal mix of Dom Perignon, the hugest champagne glasses ever to land into my hand and a McDonald’s at the end of it.

Loved the place. I don’t have a proper photo so you will have to settle for a selfie which includes the cocktail as well as the suitcase clambering up the wall.

Barrio Central

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