Dishoom and being daring

It has been a very long time since I wrote and I don’t really have an excuse but I am here again with a cool place that I want to write about.

I have started my internship at Palm PR which is exciting, busy and enlightening. The experience is also quite tasty. Although, in spite of what you could imagine a internship at a food PR Agency to entail, you are not wined and dined at every opportunity and given mountains of free food to take home with you, my exposure to food trends and luxury food goods has considerably increased.

At the very beginning of my internship the team went to lunch at a restaurant called Dishoom. It aims to pay homage to the food of Bombay, according to its website. The scene that greeted me when we walked in made quite an impression on me. In stark contrast to the shining hubbub of Shoreditch that I had had less than a day to accustom myself to, the interior of the restaurant was laid with dark wood and suffused with beautiful incense. It was pleasant to sit there in high chairs and a modern set-up which seemed quietly assertive of how it wished to be perceived. The team shared a feasting menu. Which is where my problem starts. While I have trawled through the menu I cannot find all the dishes that I thought we tried. So, I will tell you a couple of dishes that set off fireworks for me and this might tempt you to visit them.

We were served okra which had been fried in a mix of spices. They were amazing! Fairly spicy, crunchy but also vegetable-y. The dish was unobtrusive but skilfully and thoughtfully executed. Thumbs up. I was told that Black Daal is incredible. I’ve only had daal once (that one was yellow) but I have made it my aim to learn a daal recipe and make it successfully. This daal was buttery, rich and moreish. It makes me want to jump to the kitchen now and summon it up. Another dish that really blew me away was Bhel. Puffed rice, Bombay Mix and nylon sev tossed with fresh pomegranate, tomato, onion, lime, tamarind & mint. It burst with freshness and sweetness which was cleansing and refreshing alongside the spice and richness of the other dishes. The Sheekh Kabab, minced lamb marinated with lime, coriander and cumin then grilled was another stunner. So much flavour and satisfaction with every mouthful. For dessert we were offered julfi, a creamy, cold sweet ice-cream sort of thing or kala khatta gola ice, which is sweet and salty ice flakes. Our waitress said some people liked it, but a fair few did not.

In these few months during which I have been absent from this blog I have been thinking a lot about my year abroad and how I can make the most out of it. These last couple of days I have realised two important things. One, don’t over-think it. Two, just do it. Whatever ‘it’ may be, go for it. I’ve spent too much time agonising over what-ifs and imagined scenarios – but you can spend eons envisaging outcomes of decisions when in reality you do not know what will happen!

I went for the ice flakes. The blueberries were beautiful and cut against the extreme sweet-and-salt syrupy flakes. The dessert were intriguing. I might not necessarily try it again. But I’m glad I just went for it.


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