The wonderful world of tiffin

One of the best things about Warwick, if I had to choose between all the crazy great things, would be…

The tiffin sold at Costcutter.

I talk about my obsession most days because I actually cannot help it.

I first came across this wonder of the world in first year. They were cheerfully named ‘Tiffin Misshapes’ which made me fancy them even more because it sounded like they were the loners of the superior Tiffin Perfect Shapes and I was benevolently adopting them. Well, I brought the clear, plastic box into my room, had one, couldn’t control myself, and had the rest of them. I am convinced they have some addictive substance in them because you cannot have just one. They are moist chocolatey biscuitey bars, rich, studded with sultanas, and topped with a thick layer of chocolate which snaps so satisfyingly it is seriously out of this world.

I spent an agonising first term of second year popping into Costcutter, but the tiffin did not materialise. I asked everyone. I asked the cashier when they would be returning, and he didn’t even know what tiffin was. That was v painful. But then rumour hit the library, I dashed to the SU, and there they were again. Second year saved.

Twinny boo Becky had been planning to visit me, but we weren’t sure exactly when she should visit me. In case she did a couple of weeks ago, I bought a pack of tiffin so I could share with her this delight. She didn’t come. We arranged for this weekend, which meant I had these chocolate pieces of bliss in my room for a whole week. Obviously if I opened them that would be it. So I resisted. I waited.

There were a few close moments when I almost threw caution to the wind and succumbed, but I proved more resilient.

My weekend with Becky was a highlight of this term. We danced, we ate, we shopped, we giggled, we bickered, I cooked actually quite well for her and we shared the delights of tiffin. Even if tiffin is the height of the biscuit and chocolate world combined, there would be no world for me if she was not there to bring me mangoes, pat my back and watch 90210 with.

Me and Becky could take on the world quite well I think. So long as there is tiffin in it.Image


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