Schnitzel’s one of my favourite things

One of travel’s most seductive qualities for me is the chance to make the small, exclusive world around me disappear and to spend time in an entirely different space. I savour my sailing holidays in the Meditteranean. As snapshots in my head they exist as bursts of bright sunlight and dancing, aquamarine waves, but I can easily get lost in my favourite memories. At about 5 or 6 o’clock, when we would be heading towards land for the night, the sun would be sinking in the sky and spreading itself across the sea. There is very little that compares to sitting at the very front of the boat overlooking the sea, with the warm air blowing through my hair and and the feeling that I am flying over the sea.

Of course, travel multiplies the variety of food on offer by about 10 to the power of infinity. When on holiday I try to taste as many different dishes as I can. This can be difficult sometimes – when I was in Berlin for 2 days, I had currywurst 3 times. It was a compulsion brought about by the ingenuity of mixing ketchup, curry powder and really great sausages together so my obsession was fairly understandable.

When you can’t go to different countries, it’s wonderful when the country comes to you. And that’s what happened last night. Invited by our Austrian friend, we attended Warwick’s German-speaking society Schnitzel night. Traditionally served with a lemon wedge and potato salad, it has its own particular breadcrumbs (which I thought was really cool – it never occurred to me that there were different types of breadcrumb!). We were given turkey schnitzel and aforementioned sides. It was delicious. The meat was really tender and cooked to perfection, which was quite a feat considering the Exec were cooking for 30 people using a random student kitchen. The potato salad and lemon juice went with it like a dream.

Going to this event made me reflect on how comforting it must be for international students to be able to meet up and talk in their own language for a change. The atmosphere was relaxed and was great to be a part of. Danke German-speaking Soc!!

But last night didn’t stop there…

Bill’s. Dessert. Doughnuts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with chocolate sauce. The doughnuts turned into the softest, sweetest pillows of goodness ever to snuggle into your mouth. The slightly bitter chocolate sauce made it slightly grown up. I felt grown up. I would like to return to Bill’s for dinner some time, so I think that’s a good sign.

Going to go and look up places to eat in Bordeaux, which is where I am going to be spending next year!! I cannot wait to try all the different food and explore, lose myself in the culture and hopefully find myself again (maybs a dress size or two bigger).


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