Spaghetti Bolognese

The reason why I decided to create a food blog was because I love food and it’s something you share. Food is love. Eating out at fancy restaurants with unpronounceable ingredients and a twist on the dish that turns it from everyday nosh to delicate and explosive cuisine is not my overwhelming motivation. I associate food with my mum and when she places a steaming dish of Shepherds’ Pie in front of us, or calls us to a Sunday Roast, I truly believe it shows her love and affection for us. Cooking a dinner for someone requires planning, money, and washing up. Those who cook for others have big hearts.

The other week I watched ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’, a film that won the Palm d’Or at Cannes Film Festival. It depicts a schoolgirl who meets an art student with blue hair and they share a beautiful, confusing, agonising relationship. I know there has been criticism that the film depicts a heterosexual man’s fantasy of lesbian sex, but I was overwhelmed by the beauty and sensuality of the film. My friends and I were captivated by the almost child-like appearance of Adèle, whose curiosity and inner struggle was something I think most of the audience could identify with. Emma’s freedom and self-assurance was beautiful and enviable, and the three hours passed with a million thoughts in my head all at once. It was incredibly memorable.

I think the part of the film that resonated with us the most, for many different reasons, was the spaghetti bolognese. In the week following the film, every single one of us ate spaghetti bolognese. We couldn’t stop talking about it. The golden clumps of spaghetti with meat and tomatoes falling from it was devoured by Adèle, in an incredibly natural yet evocative way and it seemed to say so much about her thoughts.

The spaghetti bolognese I ate was at my friend’s birthday celebration. It was unanimously agreed that it was one of the best spaghetti bologneses to ever have been made. The bacon added a smoky robustness to it and I was utterly blown away by the rich, meaty, salty, sweetness of the sauce that clung to the pasta. Sitting there all together sharing spaghetti bolognese was quietly heart-warming.

So this isn’t exactly a food review. But I honestly will never look at spaghetti bolognese in the same way again. Food does powerful things.


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