Decisions, decisions, desserts, decisions….

It is the eve of New Year. 2013 has been a wonderful, difficult, hilarious, drunken, heartbreaking, interesting, revealing year. Highlights include running at midnight, my birthday, Henley Regatta, seeing dolphins in the Mediterranean, surfing in Newquay and skiing. Christmas has seen vast quantities of alcohol and family gatherings. Inevitably, during a phone-call with my friend, the topic of the prospective New Year came about, and we wondered about our futures, and came up with some Resolutions for each other. As quick as a shot, she said: ‘Yours is to make a decision, and stick with it.’ So there is one of mine. I have some others too: be more efficient in EVERYTHING and try and balance my life more. 

On my Dad’s side of the family, our reunions take the form of a dinner in somebody’s house. This year, we went to my cousin’s house, which was a first. It was beautifully organised – a long table fit us in, and we were graciously welcomed with canapés, bubbles, and the unwrapping of our Secret Santa gifts. My Occitane set sent me into realms of prospective pampering delight. I hope my gift was similarly appreciated.

Dinner at a Yarwood get-together normally consists of a casserole, and one of the beef variety was offered. I decided on the pulled pork option instead, and it was tender and served with a full-flavoured gravy and spiced apple sauce. Y u m. Then came the puddings. I had already heard what they were: key lime pie, pavlova and chocolate hazelnut cheesecake. Obviously, it being Christmas, the number of pudding servings is not confined to one. Anything goes. However, I decided that in another family gathering it was rather likely that my Mum would make a pavlova, so that one was crossed off the list.

In the process of consuming these two puddings I realised the extent of my incapability to make decisions. First issue: which dessert to have first? The fruitier key lime pie or the more decadent cheesecake? What considerations to include? After being stuck on this I went for the key lime pie. It was extremely delightful. The filling was airy and light, with an exquisite limey ping that was set off by the crunchy biscuit base. I particularly liked the fact that there were flecks of green amidst the whiteness – proof that it had seen a lime. Dessert no. 2 was similar and different. Cheesecake and key lime pie would be on the same family tree of desserts, but this smooth, thick, chocolatey hazelnutian treat coated my senses in a rich pleasure. Apparently it was cream cheese mixed with Nutella – what a GREAT idea.

After having had these two desserts, there was still some leftover of both. I thought four helpings was excessive, but three appreciative. So which one to have?????????????


Zesty or deep? Chocolate or fruit? Cheese or fluff?

I could not decide.

So I had a slither of each.

Sublime. It was difficult deciding which one should be the last mouthful…..but I managed to get through it.

Making decisions is something I need to work on. 2014 may be the year of decisiveness or not. I can’t decide.  


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