Can you bank on anything?

Having studied the Epic Tradition in my first year of university, I am familiar with the concept of xenia, or hospitality. When strangers turned up at a house, no questions were asked of them until after they had been bathed and fed. Breaching codes of hospitality was, effectively, going against Zeus himself since he embodied xenia (as protector of travellers). Of course, the ideal host is a position coveted by most modern day-ers from all ages. From wedding anniversary celebrations, to student partAs in our newly acquired houses, the pressure for people to enjoy visiting your house is by no means small.

After moving into our house in Leamington, we decided we wanted it christened in the name of my birthday. Our UV-splattered basement was enormous fun to create and it distracted our invitees from the numerous cobwebs and the scary child-killer spray painted onto the wall. I had a whale of a time, but I spent the day in a mild panic, fretting that nobody would turn up and if they did they would leave ten minutes later. Luckily, people seemed to have a good time.

Nobody, however, does hospitality quite like my sister. Each time I have visited Birmingham I have been ever so well looked after. 

The most recent time we visited was to attend her graduation. The day she became a doctor (no biggie). Becky and I were to stay at hers so we could celebrate the night with her. We arrived back at hers to strawbs and champers and after dinner we headed to a jazz place where we had a good old groove, accompanied by cocktails. A fabulous night.

En famille, we went to Bank. It was and extremely modern and clean room, well lit and we were sat at a round table which always earns brownie points for me because conversation flows so much better!

I chose a Thai Green Curry, slightly apprehensive because it wasn’t a Thai restaurant, but my fears were assuaged upon seeing the dish. An extremely colourful dish: lime green sauce, red peppers peeking out, and an elegant bundle of angelic, gleaming white rice. Upon digging in, I was delighted to find that it was fragrant, flavoursome and the crunch of the peppers was refreshing. 

Unfortunately, the pleasure of the dinner was soured somewhat by the service. By all means friendly, the wait our plates was tiresomely long, and having a later date with a jazz night made things a bit tense.

The food was delicious. But, on a xenia rating, Vanessa beat them hands down. Clearly, doctors aren’t just scalpel-wielding pretty faces.



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