Birthday bonanza

It may be because I am a September baby and so one of the oldest of the year, but I never want my birthday to arrive. Even though technically your birthday only makes you one day older, it signifies much more. It is ‘The Big 21’ or ‘A Sweet Sixteen’, a day where everyone is supposed to recognise that you are one year older, and expectations develop. As I creep towards my 20th birthday I have spent some time thinking what that means. First and foremost, I will no longer be a teenager, and second, I will have existed for two decades. That surely suggests that on the thirteenth of September I will wake up a mature, organised and disciplined individual. Well, if that’s the case I have a very long way to go. I still call my twin and mum everyday and ask them to make my decisions, fabsies is one of my fave words and I (occasionally) tantrum. This is why sometimes it is good to use a birthday as a way of celebrating birthdays in two ways: doing something mildly more sophisticated than other days, and then losing all self-respect later on. 

This brings us to my friend’s birthday a couple of months ago. We had planned the latter part of the celebrations (Gatecrasher) but were not sure about the mildly sophisticated thingy, until Julie-bee came up with the idea of eating out. On campus the options were fairly limited, but we had only ever been to the Dirty Duck, so we settled on Xananas, a classier restaurant that was still reasonably priced. We sat by a window having a look at Wozza’s talent (a bit dry that day) and enjoyed a wonderfully chilled couple of hours eating some lovely food. After flitting between several options and ashamedly wishing I could ring twin to make my decision for me I chose the smoked salmon, dill and lemon linguini in a creamy sauce. It appeared looking summery and bright, pinks, yellows and green basking in the sun coming from outside. I was a bit concerned that the sauce looked very thin, but the linguini soaked up a lot of it. A bit more body to it would have been appreciated, however the lightness of the sauce allowed the smoky, salty salmon to burst through. The dill wasn’t overpowering and the trails of linguini lightened the dish as well.

Birthdays are a reason to take a break from reality and do something slightly different, just because the day is slightly different. And then really let go – age is just a number, after all…






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