The Best of the Bevvies

In this post, I am going to talk about not food, but drink, specifically my three favourite drinks. Alternative.

I will start with the one that prompted this piece of writing. A few years ago, come long car journeys to go skiing in Switzerland, the car would be packed with enough food and drink to last a family of six for sixteen hours. So, I was wedged into my seat with cans forming a fort around me, restricting my leg room to one particular position which was set for the whole journey. It sounds uncomfortable but I truly loved those car journeys, listening to music and watch the scenery transform from grey motorways to snowy mountains, green trees, and fewer people. The cans of drink we had were vanilla coke, and so I grew up associating vanilla coke with exciting trips. Then, it went, leaving me confused and bereft. I contemplated writing to the Coke company and begging for them to return it, and it was only a few days ago that I researched if Vanilla Coke did exist anywhere! Then yesterday, my friend told me it had arrived in the UK and suddenly I could see the light reflecting off the mountain tops and my younger self dreaming along to songs and I was, as sad as it is, ecstatic. My Tesco order arrived today and I had my first glass of Vanilla Coke in far, too, long. The creamy, sweet, golden brown bubbly liquid is a waterfall of confectionery and satisfies a sweet craving beautifully.

My second favourite drink is one of the j20 varieties. The Apple and Mango / Apple and Raspberry flavours were top of my list, but were pushed off the shelf with the arrival of the Glitterberry. First of all, it has gold sparkles in it, immortalising it as a drink with magical possibilities. It also is a treat on the tongue – all the j20s have an intensity and fruitiness that is unparalleled. The mix of berries is slightly more subtle than the other flavours but more exotic and has greater depth. A drink I will cherish – hopefully it will move from ‘Limited Edition’ to a permanent sell.

Finally, an alcoholic beverage that normally I would eschew, but mixed with a syrup (you can see I have a sweet tooth) it is irresistable. I first discovered the demi-pêche in France, whilst skiing. It is peach syrup mixed with lager. It is refreshing, fruity, thick, and thirst quenching. Perfect for the slopes, perfect for sitting at home, perfect at the pub…I could go on. It’s perfect everywhere.

So, in my desert island drinks’ case would appear these three bevs. If you haven’t tried them, I strongly recommend. Each unique, each delightful to savour and enjoy.



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