Eggstatic for chocolate

Happy Easter, everyone! These days, it’s less about the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead, saving all the souls of humankind, than the chance to gorge yourself silly on chocolate in any shape or form, but mainly eggs. I can reveal that Easter chocolate sales are worth £500m a year. However the consumption of chocolate is not just as Easter thing. An affliction that affects the vast majority of people, notably teenage girls, is chocoholism. The average Briton eating 10.2kg of chocolate a year. I am a self-confessed chocoholic. I have a sweet tooth in any case, but chocolate is my go to in most emergencies and I cannot remember a single time where I have turned down the offer of chocolate ever. For the ultimate chocolate decadence, I suggest you visit Costco and invest in their chocolate cake. It’s moist, dangerously enticing chocolate sponge is surrounded by a rich, smooth chocolate icing. It is not for the fainthearted, but being immune to the richness of food I can happily put away a hefty slice, and I recommend the most fervent chocolate lovers to dive into this particular indulgence asap.

I have always been partial to a chocolate or two. I loved chocolate so much that I hated eating up all of mine, so I would turn to my twin’s reserves to preserve my own. Our cleaner was often blamed for the mysterious disappearance of chocolates in our bedside tables, but I will admit to sneaking into my generous twinny’s room to snaffle some of her treats. Ooops.

In terms of baking, I was much the same, choosing to bake chocolate based goods over fruity varieties, because, to me, the chocolate mixture tasted so good, that was what baking was about. Eating the chocolate mixture/chocolate icing/the chocolate meant to be going into the recipe.

However, recently I have been trying to branch out, for example on my music tastes. Before university, my iTunes consisted mainly of Taylor Swift (but with some other cool stuff I promise!!). Now, I have dipped my toe into House music, classical, and dancehall and am glad I did. So, to continue with my self-diversification, I decided to bake something decidedly un-chocolately. Banana and pecan muffins.

The recipe I used was from the Saturday Times magazine, which is GREAT because there it also features a weekly restaurant review by Giles Coren, which is seriously good. He is funny, blunt, and an eggsellent writer (continuing with the Easter theme) who I admire muchos. Anyway. Um. Muffins. I didn’t actually have muffin cases, so they became cupcakes, but I think I just about got away with it.

I don’t want to blow my own trumpet OR sing my own praises, but I was quite happy with them. There was just enough banana to add a sweetness and depth of flavour without being overwhelming and mushy. The nuttiness of the pecans added a great texture and balanced out the sweetness of the banana. The twinny was very impressed by them, something I am particularly proud of because, as a general rule, she avoids bananas like the plague.

So, branching out was a success. Now, time for me to get started on the batch of chocolate mini eggs from our TWO easter egg hunts today!!



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