Twinny reunion

One of the most important things about me is that I am a twin. Since arriving at university when people first find out this, their reaction is typically “Omg, no way! Are you identical?!” My reply is always exactly the same: “No, she’s ginger, doesn’t wear glasses, and studies Biochemistry, the opposite of English and French.”

Truth is, we are very different. I normally classify it in terms of rationality: Becky’s logical reasoning never ceases to astound me, whereas I verge on the slightly erratic, irrational and emotional side of life. People say our noses and our voices are the same, and perhaps they’re right, but as far as twins go, there isn’t a lot to draw comparison between us.

Having said that, we are extremely close. We made the decision to go to different universities because going to the same one is just unhealthy, but I was quite concerned how I would survive without the person who keeps my life on track. Surprisingly it has turned out well – I speak to her on average three times a day, but I am not missing her like crazy and I think the independence has done us a world of good.

However I was hugely excited to visit her this weekend in Bath, and it was worth the time and money spent: the twinnies were back together! As usual, she showed me again how superior she is to me by cooking us a pie each for dinner (when she visited me, I gave her mushy frozen broccoli and complained that she ate all my food). And so, her pie maker is the subject of this post. She received it for her birthday, and has used it to make both sweet and savoury pies. The filling for my visit was beef and carrot. Despite using own-branded value ingredients, when I tried the beef stew I was blown away by its full, meaty flavour with a thick gravy that was hearty and mouth-watering. The individual pies were cute and made me feel like I was eating out, and although there was a lot of pastry compared to stew, as an amateur cook Becky did a beautiful job.

Being a twin is relatively rare, but I am one of those fortunate enough to have one who looks after me even when I don’t deserve it and who cooks me good food!



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