Peanut butter, anyone?

For quite a while now, I have had a system where I realise that food I do not like is actually useful to like, so I decide I will make myself like it. First hurdle was the baked bean. For years the sight of those white pellets in the glutinous red sauce repelled me only slightly less than actually eating them: the texture of the mushy beans surrounded in an unnatural feeling skin was too much for me (although spaghetti hoops were my fave). For years I prided myself on the fact that I would never ask for them in the lunch canteen.

Then, in Year 11, I had a rethink. Beans are very nutritious for you – if you had to live on one thing for the rest of your life, the recommended choice is baked beans. They also were everywhere, in the form of a JP, cheese and beans as well as the classic student meal of ‘beans on toast’.

So, I braved them. Didn’t like them the first time, second time I appreciated them, third time I was hooked, and I have never looked back. Overall, this is a story of success.

My next challenge was peanut butter, which went much the same way. I went from an irrational aversion to it, to eating it out of the jar accompanied by raspberry jam.

My love for peanut butter led me to find ways to incorporate it into my life more. I made peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter icing (which is the stuff dreams are made of), and then, whilst searching on the internet for peanut butter recipes in my spare time, I came across the ‘Peanut butter and raspberry jam ice-cream pie’.

I will leave that to sink in for a while.

This was my choice of dessert to make for my birthday barbecue. Unfortunately, the base was not a base but a lot of free-spirited crumbs. However, the smooth, creamy ice cream filling, with the surprise peanut chunks that flirted with the sweet raspberry jam rivers weaving their way through it was thoroughly enjoyed by my friends in the September sun.

To conclude, making myself like peanut butter, baked beans and my latest conquest, mushy peas, has left me with no regrets. Go on, push the boat out.


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