The first day of the next chapter in my life

This October I start at university which is at once terrifying and insanely exciting. It’s an odd sensation having the next four years mapped out, when just over two weeks ago I had no idea what would happen to me and it all depended on the contents of a white envelope delivered to school on the 16th of August. Of course, results day was, as I called it, D Day. Who knew what could have happened that day? Thankfully I and most of my friends received the grades they wanted/needed and we are all going our separate ways.

As a rule my parents do not use incentives to motivate us to work hard at school. Receiving various sums of money for each GCSE was a treat for some fellow students but not me. Indeed my dad even commented that I actually only ‘scraped’ 90% in my English exam. Which is, in fact, true. Therefore it was a pleasant, spontaneous surprise when my mum, my twin and I decided to go out to lunch on Results Day to ‘celebrate’. We decided on a pub very local to us, literally a three minute drive, called ‘The Boot and Slipper’. It has been there ever since I can remember although it has been reinvented a few time, most notably after a fire, and is now owned by The Chef and Brewer. It used to be rather expensive and frankly unmemorable. Now though it is a family friendly casual pub and also the haunt of underage drinkers on a Saturday (not that I would know or anything).

They offer the usual menu such as pies, burgers, shared platters (which we were very tempted by), grills, fish and various vegetarian options. Alongside this, there are lunch deals from £4.95 which instantly grabbed our attention. For £4.95 there was either breaded scampi or a vegetable, mozzarella and pesto burger served with barbecue sauce and chips (which I went for). For £1 extra one could order fish and chips, chicken skewers (my mum’s choice), a classic burger, or a lasagne. My sister went the extra and final mile by ordering steak and ale pie (with gammon, egg and chips as the alternative).

For £4.95 the portion sizes are incredible – I was very full for a good few hours. The burger itself wasn’t stuffed with soggy tasteless vegetables but with beans and peppers and cheese and pesto that made it hearty without being a timid tribute to the more popular beefburgers. The barbecue sauce was a little sweet and artificial but a good accompaniment to the thick cut chips. My twin’s steak and ale pie was served with some broccoli which had been cooked for about 1/4 of the required time but other than that the pastry was thick and buttery with a strong filling and delicious gravy that pleased the twin. My mum too enjoyed her chicken skewers although for me they would have been too plain.

In all the celebration lunch was well received, although with our successful results it was bound to be. I even had the pleasure of seeing two dozen boys from our year waltz in too (including a boy who I can’t help but be interested in) thus proving that the Boot and Slipper is popular in Amersham. If you are driving through and have received great exam results, why not give it a whirl.

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