Inspired by daleks

As a typical Doctor Who fan, at ten past seven last night my eyes were glued to the TV screen eagerly awaiting the opening episode of Series 7. However I was slightly apprehensive – I had not been overly impressed with the previous series and was feeling nostalgic for David Tenant and Billie Piper – so it was a relief when ‘The Asylum of the Daleks’ delivered and my faith in the programme was restored. The episode included a broken marriage being restored, insane daleks, a victory for the doctor and soufflés. Well, attempted soufflés.

This is the problem with soufflés. I am an avid MasterChef watcher, and each time a contestant reveals his intent to serve a soufflé my heart sinks. ‘Why oh why attempt the soufflé which is a guaranteed disaster? Surely you must have watched enough of this to realise that every soufflé comes out of the oven overcooked, sunken or soggy?’ Even most of the Come Dine With Me hosts, who are mostly incompetent alcoholic amateurs, have enough sense to avoid the soufflés. I too avoided them like the plague.

However this was all to change when my twin went on holiday. Being horrifically dependent on her and worried how I would survive a week without her she wrote me a list of things to do while she was away. One of these things was ‘Make a soufflé’. So make one I did. I opted for a raspberry soufflé thinking a pink fluffy dessert was less likely to go wrong than a dark sticky chocolate one and I didn’t want to risk missing out on dinner by making a savoury one. I found a recipe on the internet (a very risky move) but it looked legitimate and a lot of my mother’s recipe books are out of date so it was a bit of a lose-lose situation.

A date with the Doctor?

Extremely surprisingly it turned out I was me of little faith – they turned out gloriously. They grew vastly out of their ramekins when I overestimated the quantity needed but were lightly browned on top, and tasted like raspberry clouds that were light, sweet, foamy and an absolute treat. I have made them twice and are now my dinner party dessert. If the Doctor is reading this, come round and I will exchange a raspberry soufflé for a trip to the stars. This time, I think that’s a fair deal.


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